Do you live on Mediocre Street or Prosperity Avenue? Are you striving to be average or for greatness? Do you just want to be comfortable or do you want to be wealth? Are you happy with the status quo or would you like to live above and beyond?

These questions aren’t necessarily easy questions to answer and they don’t all have a simple response, do they?  Four years ago, these types of questions would not have even entered in my consciousness, as I didn’t even realize that there was MORE to life then becoming average. This is not to say that being average is a BAD thing – like many people – I had the dream to go to school, get my degree, get a good corporate job and work my way up to a solid 6 figure income and at the same time, meet the man of my dreams and start a family.

We would live in a 3 bedroom home, most likely in Oakville or Burlington, take 2 weeks of vacation every year and live a COMFORTABLE life.  Sounds like the perfect North American dream, right?  What I started to realize though, is as I pulled back the curtain on this lifestyle, I realized that this dream wasn’t exactly what I had wanted. In fact, becoming average started to appeal less and less.

We are programmed for average

What I hadn’t realized is that all our lives we have been programmed to become average, to fit the status quo and to live in mediocrity. And living in mediocrity can be much easier than living a life of greatness.  It can be easier to go through life, working at a job or a business that pays the bills with enough left over to take a few weeks vacation every year, to live in a house that fits your needs, to drive a reasonable car and have just enough STUFF to fill that home and to keep up the status illusion.

A life that becomes almost like Groundhog Day.  Anyone remember that movie with Bill Murray? He wakes up every day and repeats the same day over and over again? Sadly, this is the reality for most of us.  We go to work Monday to Friday, anticipate the weekend all week, spend the weekend doing errands, cleaning up around the house or maybe even relaxing, only to wake up again on Monday morning and do it all again. Forty years later, we retired on less money then we had when we were working, so in order to keep the house and travel, we have to go back to work.  Is this really what our lives were meant to be?

There are many amazing people worldwide who believe otherwise and I’d like to share with you how some of their philosophies have helped thousands of people just like you & I, to personally strive for a life a greatness, rather than mediocrity.

The Millionaire Messiah of Prosperity

Randy Gage, The Millionaire Messiah of Prosperity, has a very empowering motto:

“Prosperity is your birthright and your natural condition. It is all around you. There is no place on earth that Prosperity is not.”

He has spent years leading a tribe of people who want to live a life that is full of prosperity, in every way possible.  His preaches about success and prosperity on his blog and has written several books on the topic, including Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke and How to Get Smart Healthy and Rich. His message is simple, why live in mediocrity when you can live in prosperity? He helps us to understand how challenging it can be to overcome societal lack programming and the lack mentality that surrounds most of us. And he is a living example of someone who has overcome great challenges and poverty to become a multi-millionaire and one of the most powerful speakers on prosperity alive today.

A world class mentor, Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was an amazing man who also preached about greatness and prosperity.  From humble beginnings as a farm boy in Idaho, Jim Rohn went on to be become a world class motivational and inspirational speaker, as well as building several multi-million dollar businesses. As he so aptly stated,

“Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.”

This is really the key that we often forget – the only way to achieve greatness is to provide great service to others.  To paraphrase Rohn, if you help a few dozen people to succeed, you’ll make a little bit of money. If you help a few hundred people to succeed, you’ll make even more money.  And if you help thousands of people to succeed, you’ll become a millionaire.  What a beautiful way to frame prosperity – help thousands of people to achieve their dreams and be successful, and you’ll become a millionaire in the process.

What are the lessons from these two mentors?

What both of these amazing mentors and teachers help us to really understand is that it’s ok to want to be rich and to be prosperous. In fact, it’s our right and privilege to be able to live a life of GREATNESS.  It’s up to us to rise above mediocrity and to be the best person we can be, not only for ourselves and for our families, but for the entire nation and the world.  As strange as it may sound, it will always be easier to remain on Mediocre Street, then to live on Prosperity Avenue. That is why less than 5% of people ever do make the move.

Four years ago, I started to pack up my things on Mediocre Street.  I haven’t found my home on Prosperity Avenue yet – but I am certainly on the journey every single day.  I experience set backs and challenges just like everyone else, but I also know that this journey is just as important as the destination. And as I travel along this path, I invite you to come with me. To take a little step in the direction of Prosperity Avenue every single day.  To start to think about how your life could be GREAT and how you could make a BIG difference in the world.  Together, we can be a part of the prosperity movement and lead others to join us. There is more than enough for everyone! Will you join me on the journey to GREATNESS?

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