Are you Wealthylicious? Last night we hosted our favorite event here in Burlington, Wealthylicious. This very special event focuses on Women, Wealth, Wisdom and Wellness and is only shared twice a year. Wealthylicious was created by Leanne Jacobs, author of the upcoming book Beautiful Money (and current Beautiful Money podcast) over 7 years ago, and has been inspiring women (and a few men) to create wealth and more freedom in their lives.

Gratitude Tip: You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. And spending an evening with the speakers and guests at an event like Wealthylicious can have a huge impact in our lives. How much of your time is spent with people who inspire you to be your best self? To live a life you’ve always dreamed of? And to share your gifts with the world? And most of all, to find gratitude every day in all that you do.

The event was hosted by Sara Martel, one of my very dearest friends and partner in business for over 9 years. Sara was amazing not only at keeping the event moving on time, but also tying together all of our speakers and our common freedom vehicle, USANA Health Sciences.

Our first speaker, Shelly Boudah, spoke about creating a Millionaire Mindset. You see, over 7 years ago, Shelly had seen Leanne share these concepts at a similar event in Toronto. Shelly decided to immediately apply these concepts into her own life and within a few short years, had completely turned her financial situation around and has been creating wealth ever since. The biggest lesson I gained from Shelly’s part is that 2 years may seem like a long time when you first start out, but when you look back, two years goes by so very quickly, so it’s worth making sacrifices and working hard to create wealth via residual income – even if it takes you five years!

Next we heard from Amy Ballantyne, who is also one of my leaders in Holistic Lifestyle Creators and a phenomenal speaker. Amy spoke from the heart about her passion for network marketing. She shared that when she was working in her corporate career, even though she worked for a great company and worked from home, she felt as though she had more to give and wanted to be, do and have more. She had a very long ‘laundry list’ of what she wanted to from a career, that would also allow her to be a mom, while still sharing the gifts and talents she had before becoming a mom. And she found that through network marketing and USANA. She was absolutely incredible and I am so incredibly grateful that she said yes to joining our tribe over 8 years ago.

Pat Birnie spoke next – Pat and I have been friends for over 16 years, we were co-workers in corporate when I worked at Dupont Canada. Pat is a ‘late-blooming’ entrepreneur, who started her business in her 50s. Now in her sixties, Pat has shown us how when make taking care of your health a priority and when you create a life of freedom through multiple streams of income, you can truly live a dream life. She and her husband Ian travel at least 10 weeks per year. They have a residual income with USANA, as well as over 18 rental properties.  She is a shining example of success at any age! And she’s not getting older – she seems to be getting younger and younger every year!

I wrapped up the evening with a segment on health is your greatest wealth, because as we all know, if we don’t take care of health with preventative wellness, all of the wealth in the world is not going to be able to buy it back. I love that by partnering with USANA, it’s first about YOU being a walking billboard of health, and at the same time you help others to feel their best as well.

Wealthylicious is a lifestyle. And I feel as though our tribe really lives and represents this. It’s not only about money, it’s about being in our best and most radiant health, while helping others to do the same. It’s about creating the time and space to live our passions and share them with the world. It’s about becoming the absolute best version of yourself. Are you ready to become Wealthylicious? If you’re ready, simply visit my mentorship page to sign up for a Skype call together and see if you’re ready to be Wealthylicious too.

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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