Are Your Actions Aligned with Your Words?

I’ve been writing a lot about energy and us being energetic beings over the past few weeks. And being in alignment (I’m not talking about your spine, although that’s important too) is another key to manifest your desires.

Gratitude Tip: Are your actions aligned with your words? For example, when you say to someone yes I’ll be there, can they count on you to be there? Or do they already know that you’re not going to show up? When you make a promise to someone, does it include the words ‘I’ll try’? Yoda said it best, Do or Do Not, There is No Try.

When our actions are aligned with our words, we vibrate at a higher frequency. We’ve all experience being out of alignment, saying yes to something we know we cannot attend or won’t be able to complete in time. Focus on being in alignment as much as possible today, and watch how many wonderful things show up in your life.

Being in alignment also means living up to your values, even when no one is watching. I had a moment like this last week. I was at the Dollar Store with my daughter. I saw the Shopkins (they disappear super fast) and wanted to grab some for her stocking. I tried to hide them in the basket under my shopping bag, which sort of worked and when I went to pay, I told the lady I was doing my best not to let her see the so she put them right into the bag and entered the codes manually. When I got home and looked at the receipt, I noticed she hadn’t charged me for everything I bought. It was only a few dollars but it was bugging me, so I made time to go back to the store that night and pay for the two items I hadn’t paid for – total of $5. Would it have been a big deal if I didn’t go back? Probably not. But it was for me, as I thought to myself, would I want to put these in her stocking if I didn’t pay for them.

Where in your life have you told yourself it doesn’t count? Where do you fail to keep your word and simply brush it off as no big deal? I attended a lovely holiday lunch yesterday with some of my networking friends, and the reservations had been made for 20 people. By the time we ate, there were only 10 of us at the table. I completely understand that things come up and sometimes we have to cancel at the last minute. Yet when we arrived at the restaurant, only two people had actually cancelled. Does it really matter if you don’t show up when you say you will? To the restaurant perhaps, as they had booked off a section for our party. For our group, not as much, as we had a fantastic time with those who attended. The point is that we all have the choice to say yes or no. And when we choose yes and cannot follow through, being in alignment means letting that person know you’re not going to be there.

My daughter and I had a great conversation last night before bed. Ever notice that kids ask the best questions right before they fall asleep? She asked me why human beings are able to make good choices or bad choices. What an awesome question! I explained that God gave us the gift of free will, that our ability to choose is what makes us human. And that in every situation we can choose to make a bad or good choice (depending on our perspective). Being in alignment is making choices the fit with our personal values and beliefs, and staying true to our word.

Where is an example in your own life where you weren’t in alignment? Is it something you can fix with an apology? I encourage you to reach out and make things right. Make a commitment from this day forward to stay in alignment as much as possible. And watch the magic and miracles appear in your life.

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