Reflect & ConnectThis week, I encourage you to spend some time reflecting and connecting, on a physical and a spiritual level. It’s an amazing time of the year, as the Winter Solstice has just passed and we are moving into spring, a time of rebirth. The days are getting longer and we are moving ever so quickly into the summer season. It’s the perfect time to reflect and reconnect with God and Spirit.

Gratitude Tip: How much time do spend thinking about connections in your life on a daily basis? Are you connecting with nature? What about connecting with other people? We are so used to ‘being connected’ via the virtual world that we often lose touch of picking up the phone or calling someone on Skype or Facetime. And we can easily go through an entire day without connecting to God or Spirit. Focus on gratitude for the amazing world around you this week and take action to enrich your connections.

For many of us, this is the beginning of Holy Week, culminating with Easter on Sunday. I have to admit, that for many many years, I didn’t know much about Easter and what it all means. And I am very fond of Eggies (don’t ask, they were the source of my sugar addiction two years ago) and Easter egg hunts. So much has changed over the past few years and I find myself much more emotional now during this week and on Good Friday especially. As I mentioned in a previous post, when I was really suffering at the hospital after my near death experience, I had a moment of peace when I recalled how Jesus had suffered for our sins and that what he went through was far worse than what I was going through at that time and it gave me strength and resolve to heal and get home as quickly as possible.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, and even if this week has no special significance for you, it’s a great time to reflect and reconnect as we move into spring. Most us of will have a long weekend this coming weekend, how will you enjoy your time off? When I was training for triathlon, my ‘church’ was outside, enjoying nature on my long Sunday morning rides. I loved being in communion with the sun, the weather and whatever else would come along my path. I never trained in a large group for cycling, I preferred going out with only one or two other people. And I often enjoyed the sounds of the wind or the birds as we rode. That time in nature is something that I miss since I no longer have a bike! There is something very beautiful and spiritual about connecting with nature. I commit to spending more time hiking this spring (now that my toe is healed!!).

What are you going to commit to this week? I’d love to hear from you!


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