Be happy now. That’s one of the foundations for creating an incredible life. We know that it’s not going to work if we decide that we’re only going to be happy when we achieve our goals, when we buy the car, when we move into our home – it’s the other way around. Be happy now and manifest everything you want in life. And then, from a place of true contentment with your current situation, allow yourself to dream and grow and reach for the stars! That’s where the magic happens.

Gratitude Tip: It might seem like we are not content with our current situation when we focus on our vision and goals. It’s the ability to be happy now, while working towards those goals and making your vision come true that allows for massive, rapid success. Our foundation of gratitude habits is what makes it easier to be happy now. Grounding ourselves in gratitude right now, while working on the next stages of our growth, makes things happen more easily and more quickly.

This is something I learned while at The Art of Abundant Thinking with Tony Daum of Excellence Performance Coaching at the beginning of this month. I have set some massive business goals for this last quarter of 2016 and the first half of 2017, and one of the things I was struggling with (and I didn’t even know it) was if I’m happy now with my current situation, does the fact that I’m striving for another bigger goal mean that I’m not satisfied or content right now? Because I do feel happy, content and satisfied where I am right now. The lesson is that wealthy people are always learning and growing, and that goals are never a destination, they are simply a part of the journey. Think about the most successful people you know. Are they content to reach a goal and stop? Not likely! They look at each goal (and any attempt at a goal) as another stair step in the journey of their life.

Another point that made a lot of sense to me is that leaders are always leading from the front. In order for our tribe to grow, I’ve got to grow from the front. By reaching for a bigger goal and advancing in my own business, I am making space for other leaders to grow and fill the vacuum. Take a look at the areas of your life where you are leading. Are you continuing to grow or have you been stagnant? Much like a river, life grows and flourishes when the water is moving swiftly – when the water is stagnant or still, life tends to slow down and growth may come to a halt. When you decide to grow as a leader, you are creating space for others. And as you expand your skills, you’ll attract different people into your life that will allow you to build and grow even faster!

Be happy now is a choice that we make every single day. Happiness and gratitude are closely intertwined. When we are grateful for what we already have, it’s much easier to feel happy and smile. Take a moment right now to think about 3-4 things that you are grateful for. Close your eyes and really feel the feelings of gratitude. Did you find yourself smiling? It’s easy to see that gratitude and happiness are very closely linked.

How can you use your gratitude habits to BE HAPPY NOW?

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Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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