Be Kind To Yourself

I wrote another post about being kind to others, but this time I wanted to focus on being kind to yourself. After spending almost a week with many of my USANA family friends, I noticed that often people are much kinder to others then they are to themselves. We learned about epigenetics during our conference (which is one of my favorite topics) and how the medium that our cells are bathed in affected how our genes are expressed.

Since our cells are affected by our hormones, it’s vital that we speak kindly to ourselves. I have watched as people I care about speak negatively about their hair, their body, the way their clothing fit and I find it hard not to make a comment about self-love (that’s why I’m writing a blog about it!).The more loving and kind thoughts we have, the more feel-good hormones we will make. The more feel-good hormones we make (like seratonin) the better we feel. The better we feel, the nicer we are and the happier our cells are. It’s a beautiful positive cycle. And of course it goes the other way – start with the negative self-talk and you create more stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Gratitude Tip: The next time you say something negative about yourself, give yourself an apology and a compliment. Look yourself in the eye (in a mirror) and say I’m sorry, and I love you. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to your best friends. 


I know that it can be uncomfortable to change your self-talk, but trust me when I tell you that it can be life-changing when you do. What are some of your strategies for kind self-talk?

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