What Does It Take To Be More Resilient?

Nov 7, 2017 | Leadership | 1 comment

Resilience is ‘the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties’ (Google Dictionary) and it’s one of the more important qualities that successful people have. The great news is that we can all develop our resiliency when we choose to face difficult situations and challenges in our lives. You might be wondering why someone would choose to do either of these things. What I’ve found is that in order to grow as a person and achieve the goals we’ve set out for ourselves, the challenges are bound to appear.

Being resilient is a skill that can be developed over time. And yes, it does take overcoming challenges in order to be more resilient. When we choose to avoid facing challenges, this moves us away from resilience. Also, avoiding a challenge doesn’t make it go away. In fact, it usually makes it return again and again until we face it. So what can we do to be more resilient? Here are some of my suggestions, based on my personal experiences. They aren’t going to work in every situation, however I’m sure at least one or two will help you to be more resilient the next time you’re face with a challenge.

Express Gratitude

For those who read my blog on a regular basis, this won’t be a surprise. How does expressing our gratitude improve our resilience? What I’ve found is that when I’m in the middle of a crisis, simply taking a deep breath and finding something to be grateful for can help with perspective. Once our breathing is back under control, we can think more clearly. Next; when we find something to be grateful for, it immediately shifts of our point of view. This can be the start of resiliency, as we are now focusing on what is positive, rather than negative in a given situation.

Stop Dwelling and Let Go

When we are dwelling on what’s wrong with our situation, we are stuck. This can be the hardest step for many of us. Years ago, when I first started my business, I had a hard time letting go of things. A prospect would say no and I wouldn’t make another call for the rest of the week. Then my mentor introduced me to Jim Rohn, an incredible man who was a pillar of the modern self-development industry. Jim Rohn would say that ‘you must learn to discipline your disappointments.’ Such a simple phrase that had a massive impact in my own life; I had been wasting so much time being disappointed by other people’s responses. What I realized is that the more quickly I was able to let go of negative responses, the more quickly my business would grow. Years later, what would take me out for several days is now released within minutes.

Get Moving!

Once we’re able to stop dwelling and let go, it’s time to get moving. In order to recover quickly, we’ve got to get moving again. Take action in the direction of your dreams, knowing that even though there will be more challenges along the way, the faster you deal with them, the faster you’ll reach your goals. Even a small little action can turn the tides of momentum in your favour. What I have found is that if I’m feeling particularly low, I’ll use upbeat music to help me shake it off (that’s a great song too!).  I also have a meditation called I AM Affirmations: Gratitude and Self-Love by PowerThoughts Meditation Club that helps me get moving through sadness. Lastly, it can help to physically get moving! Go outside for a walk, run or bike. Dive in the pool or get to an exercise class or CrossFit workout. Do something to get your blood moving and you’ll find that this also helps to shift into a more positive mood.

Continue to Practice

Resiliency is developed over time. It’s not something that you have after going through one or two challenges – although there are likely some people that have been through life-altering difficulties that may have led to massive gains in resilience. Hopefully, you don’t have to experience anything life-threatening in order to be more resilient. Every time you face a new challenge, see if you can get through it just a bit more quickly than the time before. It’s a bit like working out; you won’t see the gains after one workout but give it a year and you’ll have changed significantly.



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