2015-07-20 11.45.23Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice this core value: Be present, in every moment. My daughter had a headache and low grade fever. She’s 4, and when a four year old isn’t feeling well, they want your total attention, all of the time. And since I am blessed with a business that allows me to be flexible with my schedule, that’s exactly what I gave her, my attention. It also forced me to slow down and take a break after a weekend of work around our home (we painted the spare bedroom). Funny home things seem to always work out in everyone’s best interest.

Gratitude Tip: Being present helps us to see gratitude in the small moments of our day. This is the key to living daily gratitude.


I’ve been waking up each morning and listening to the current 21-Day Meditation Challenge with Oprah & Deepak. These challenges are a great way to start your day. Each begins with a short message from Oprah, followed by a longer message from Deepak and then an 8 – 10 min meditation with music. Once the free experience is over, you can purchase the full program for download. Did you know that there’s an app for this too? My favorite meditation experience is Desire & Destiny, I’ve been listening to it for over a year.

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