Yes, I am beautiful, just as I am.

Yes, I am beautiful, just as I am.

It’s time I weighed in on this subject because it’s something that I feel very strongly about. I believe that it IS ok to tell our girls that they are beautiful. There. I said it! We’ve all read the blog post about how we have to stop commenting on the way people look on the outside and I disagree. We are human beings, with eyes that allow us to see what’s on the outside first. Positive comments, kind and loving words can make a difference! Read on for my personal OPINION on this.

Gratitude Tip: The first person who needs to hear that they are beautiful is YOU. Start by practicing telling yourself that you are beautiful in the mirror. Do this naked. Look into your own eyes and say out loud, ‘I am beautiful,’ you can add ‘I love you,’ or ‘I am intelligent’ and any other affirmations of love that you would say to someone else. Say it to yourself. See the beauty in the perfect human creation that you are. Accept and love each and every single part of your body, just as it is today. Yes, you may be on a journey to better health, releasing weight, becoming stronger and muscular, but it’s so important to love yourself where you are right now.

As for our children, I believe it’s naive to think that their looks aren’t going to be judged as they go through life. Instead of avoiding the topic, let them know that they are beautiful, just exactly the way they are. That when they are kind and generous, their beauty shines. That they are strong and powerful and amazing human beings. Feed them with positive comments and words that empower. Beautiful is not a bad word, it’s all about how we use it and how we express it. And practice mirror work with them as soon as they can speak. Teach them to speak words of love into themselves as early as possible.

In my opinion, I believe that every single creation on this Earth is made in God’s perfect image. I see beauty in every face, every body and every person because I choose to see God in their eyes. As Dr. Wayne Dyer taught in the movie The Shift, if we all come from God, then wouldn’t we all have a piece of God within us? The analogy he shared is that if we look at God as being an apple pie, when you slice the pie or even just taste a little crumbs, is that still not apple pie? Are you not still a part of the whole, every though you may be just a tiny piece? A few of my favorite books for children on this topic are I am: Why Two Little Words Mean So Much by Dr. Wayne Dyer and I think, I am!: Teaching Kids the Power of Affirmations by Louise Hay. Both are great for adults as well.

Our words are indeed very powerful and I believe that being beautiful can be a very positive and empowering way to feel. Being grounded in a positive self-image is powerful and makes it easier to let other people’s opinions of you slide right off your back. We have seen some amazing examples of children who were bullied and told they were ugly stand up for themselves and let the world know that they disagreed and felt beautiful – just the way they are.

This is a controversial topic, I understand that your opinions may be quite different than mine. I welcome you to share them, however negative or rude comments will be deleted in the spirit of this blog.

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