Being a Grateful Leader

John C. Maxwell spends some time with Jordan & Kristen Kemper

John C. Maxwell spends some time with Jordan & Kristen Kemper

Starting your day with gratitude is the easiest way to set up your day for success. Having a morning routine is just as important as having a bedtime routine, as your mind is very open when you first wake up. What are you feeding your mind in the first few precious moments of the day?

Gratitude Tip: Waking up and giving thanks for the gift of another day is the first step. Keeping yourself from checking your email and social media feeds is the next biggest challenge. This short video on gratitude by Louis Schwarzberg is perfect to start your day with. Add it to your favorites and watch this before you do anything else in the morning, for the next week. 

The theme of leadership has been running through my posts over the last week, after spending three days of the Art of Leadership seminar and being immersed in several John C Maxwell books as well. Imagine my surprise when my friends and business associates, Jordan & Kristen Kemper posted a photo with John Maxwell himself on Facebook yesterday! Jordan & Kristen are true servant leaders who have built one of the most heart-centered businesses in USANA, and because of their philosophy, faith and their ability to attract leaders are also in the top 25 income earners globally.

John Maxwell met with the Kempers and several other network marketing leaders in preparation for an event on March 18th, 2016, MULTIPLY which is all about #multiplyleaders. Maxwell understands, as many of us do, that the vehicle of network marketing is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to grow and build leaders, as it’s built into our business model. The only way to create true financial freedom in our profession is to build an organization with a few strong leaders, who will in turn, grow new leaders as well. Leadership development is built into our training model.

I am growing our amazing tribe of Grateful Entrepreneurs, using the vehicle of network marketing with our product partner, USANA Health Sciences. And I am also building and growing this tribe of gratitude ambassadors who are sharing the message of living daily gratitude across the globe. Together, we’re making a difference. Thank you to all of you who are committed to daily gratitude and inspiring others to do the same.


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