The Value of SleepAh sleep. So important yet so often relegated to be given up when we have too much on our plates. Yet there are so many incredible things that happen when we sleep, so here are my tips for creating your BEST SLEEP EVER!

Gratitude Tip: A lack of sleep is no longer a badge of honour. Our bodies are designed to rest for between 7 – 8 hours every night, spending one third of our time here on earth sleeping. Setting up your mind before sleep is where a daily gratitude practice comes into play. To become a more grateful person, we’ve got to make sleep a priority.

How to Have Your Best Sleep Ever!

1.Intermittent fasting. There is a lot that happens to our digestion while we are sleeping. By giving ourselves 12 – 13 hours without food on a daily basis, we optimize our digestion while we sleep. Aim to finish dinner by 6:30-7 and have breakfast 12 hours later, within one hour of waking up. You can still have your lemon water upon waking, as this doesn’t affect your blood sugar and it helps stimulate your digestive system to start the day.

2. Avoid caffeine after 2 pm. Avoid caffeine all together if possible! Caffeine is a drug and can wreck havoc on our sleep wake cycles. Ironically, the more caffeine we use, the worse we sleep and the worse we sleep, the more caffeine we want. During the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, we recommend that you eliminate caffeine. The withdrawal symptoms can be very debilitating for some people – which is why I’m absolutely serious when I say that caffeine is a drug, to be used with caution.

3. Have a bedtime routine. This is something I have blogged about before, and although it may seem silly to have a routine as an adult, it’s essential for great sleep. For those of us with kids, we will stick to their bedtime routines as much as possible, every day of the week so that they get the sleep they need. We are the same. We function best with an optimal sleep and having a bedtime routine is a key healthy sleep habit.

4. Program your mind for success. The 7 – 8 hours that we are sleeping are the time when our subconscious is doing all of it’s best work! And how does the subconscious get programmed? By our conscious thoughts and feelings. This is why writing in a gratitude journal right before bed is so important. Instead of worrying about what when wrong in your day, you can focus on all of the things that went right!

5. Wake up when you’re done sleeping. This is a challenge for most people because their morning wake up time is set by their job or parental responsibilities. As you create better sleep habits and stick to a bedtime routine, you’ll no longer need an alarm to wake up, your body will simply wake up when it’s ready to, within approx 7 – 8 most days. Even on the weekends!

Sweet dream everyone!

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