This is a blog post that is from the heart, many of you might not understand or agree but I believe it’s time for me to share this big decision with you.

Over 5 years ago, I began my career in network marketing. One of my best friends at the time, Leanne, invited me to join her in building a business with USANA Health Sciences.  Three years later, I had build a solid team with a strong and loyal customer base and was earning the highest income I ever had in any career to date.  And in April 2009, I made the decision to leave and work with a newer company, Agel Enterprises.  This may seem like an odd decision, considering my success, but the other side of the coin was that I was burnt out and was also very excited to see what the other side of the fence was like. I was thrilled to work with Agel and my new mentors, and at the time, it was the best decision for me and my family.

Fast forward to almost 1 year later, I was now pregnant and going through the challenges of a not-so-easy pregnancy which made it more difficult to work.  Once my beautiful daughter arrived in Sept 2010, I was no longer interested in working as she consumed all of my time.  Any business that I had built before with Agel was severely neglected and I had, for the most part, given up. Truth be told, although I had really enjoyed some of the Agel products and loved the way the compensation plan was set-up, I never became passionate about it, the way I had been with USANA before.

Effectively, I was sitting at a cross-roads and not sure what to do with my career (besides being a French tutor, which I still do and really enjoy). I continued to be a customer with USANA, using a number of different products that had not been replaced by what Agel had to offer. I still believed (and continue to believe) that network marketing is the best solution for me to be able to stay home with my daughter and create a powerful income stream. The question was, what to do now?

Life is very interesting sometime and often things happen that you never really expected to.  I reconnected with Leanne a few weeks ago and we had a candid conversation over a cup of tea. During our conversation, Leanne extended an invitation to return to the USANA team.  It wasn’t something I had really considered as I believed that door had been closed. Still being a loyal product user (as are many of my family members and friends), I decided to think about this and discuss it with my husband.  And after much thought and deliberation, we agreed that it would be a great decision to return.

After almost exactly two years, I have decided to return to USANA and to work with my team. There are two amazing things that have happened so far that have affirmed my belief that this is the best decision for myself and my family. First, if I wasn’t sure about the power of a residual income before, I am now.  I left my business – did not touch it – for TWO YEARS! And when I returned, I found that not only was I still earning income, but that the team had grown! How is this possible, you ask? Like me, many of my teammates and customers continued to use the products years later. And several leaders emerged from that team when I left, who continued to build their businesses without my support.  True, my income is not what it was before – but in what other business or profession can you walk away for TWO YEARS and still have an income when you return?

Second, although I kept using many of the products, one product I had replaced was the USANA Essentials, a multi-vitamin and mega-antioxidant product that is taken twice a day. As it was when I first started back in 2006, my product belief has been solidified: only a few days after I started to take the Essentials again, I noticed that my energy levels were higher.  Now, nothing else has changed, in fact I’ve been getting less sleep lately (more about that in a future blog topic).  Needless to say I thrilled about that, as you other new moms can imagine! And second, and this could just be a coincidence, but this week on the Slow Carb plan I lost 3 lb, more than twice what I have lost in any other week. I’m curious to see if this pattern continues. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the Slow Carb plan starting on Sunday for one week straight.

A big thank-you to my friends and colleagues in USANA who have welcomed me back with excitement and energy. And to all of my wonderful friends whom I met through Agel, I look forward to staying in touch on Facebook and to supporting each other on our separate journeys. What I have come to realize is that we all have to find the company that is the BEST for us and our families, and for me, that company is USANA. I’m excited and energized to start a new journey and a new chapter in my life.

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