Last night I attended a great fall nutrition seminar. I learned a lot about what healthy digestion should be and also about taking care of our brain.  This morning I went out to do my meditation walk through the Labyrinth and brought a notebook with me (finally!).  As I was doing my walk, I noticed that so many to-dos kept coming into my mind.  When I got to the centre – I pulled out the notebook and did what I call, a brain dump.  Everything that has been floating around my mind for the past week or so, I wrote on paper. I just kept writing and writing – and by the time I had a filled a few pages, I actually felt a lot better! I’ve been feeling like there is a lot going on this month – actually from now until Christmas – so this just helped to put things on paper and out of my head.  I’m guessing a few people might be feeling the same way? So here is your mission for today, should you choose to accept it:

Take 10 min to either go for a walk or sit quietly.  Yes, you can find 10 min. Lock yourself in a bathroom if need be.

Be mindful of everything that enters your brain. After about 10 min, take out a notebook and a pen and just starting writing things down. Bullet points are fine.

I suggest keeping this notebook handy (maybe in your purse or your car) so that you can jot things down as they come to you.  This will help alleviate some stress and help you to be more organized by simply focusing on one task at a time.

Let me know how you feel once you’ve done that. If you’ve got a friend or family member who is currently stressed out, please pass on this blog post, maybe it will help.  By the way – did you know that more and more studies are showing that multi-tasking is a myth? Our brains can only properly focus on doing one task at a time.  Trust me, you’ll get a lot more done if you focus on doing one thing at a time to completion.

Create an amazing, stress-free day everyone!

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