Building a 6-figure income, in her yoga pants

Building a 6-figure income, in her yoga pants

I arrived home from Chicago at around 1 am last night, my mind totally buzzing from all of the amazing wisdom that was shared with us during the second full day of Next Level You. One of my favorite parts of the day was when Lindsey Hardy spoke about Women In Business – in her yoga pants. This is absolutely one of the reasons why I love my business – as 90% of the time I’m in yoga pants and a hoodie. What other (non-fitness related) business allows you this freedom? The best part of the event? Hearing from an amazing variety of speakers who have created success at different levels, from different walks of life and in all different ways – so if building a business in your yoga pants doesn’t appeal to you, there were lots of speakers who probably did.

Gratitude Tip: Being open to learning from others who have already walked out the path you are looking to following is a valuable life skill. When we say ‘I know, I know,’ after hearing a speaker or being a asked a question – we don’t actually know, do we? I have been guilty of this response in the past – or even worse – ‘I know, but….’ How do we learn best from mentors and those who inspire us? We are open to listening, without an agenda, and then processing what they have to say. Everything does not apply in every case. Our values, such as gratitude, family, and faith will help us to determine which actions to start with. 

There were almost 1,000 people in the room with me over the past 2 1/2 days at the Next Level You. We all heard the same information from the same speakers. And a year from now, some of us will come back having achieved our goals and dreams for 2016 and others won’t even be back at all. What is the difference? When we watch and listen to those who are sharing information from a platform or stage, we all absorb and filter the information differently. Our past experiences, our values system and our patterns are what determine what we actually hear and take action on. This is why it’s important to listen and read different personal development books and programs over and over, because every time we do, we’ll hear something differently than before, as we have (hopefully) grown and changed as a person.

Perhaps you’ve wondered why I travel so much and attend so many different types of training events. To me, it’s a non-negotiable, in any business where you are growing. And we all know that if you aren’t growing, you are shrinking, as there is no status-quo. One of the most beautiful gifts I’ve received from the profession of Network Marketing and my partnership with USANA, is world-class training from my home and the opportunity to travel all across North America. My daughter asked me yesterday morning, mommy are you still working today in Chicago? And I replied, yes, and what I am learning here not only makes me a better business owner, but a better parent, wife, friend, daughter, sister and teacher. For those that have a part-time business with USANA or any other network marketing company, you’ll probably agree with me, that the training we receive goes far beyond products and business building. We are gifted with training on how to become the absolutely BEST version of ourselves.

I have made a commitment for 2016. I am committed to inspiring 100 members of Holistic Lifestyle Creators to attending USANA’s International Convention this August. This is a big leap from the number who attended in 2015. What I did in the past isn’t important -it’s where we’re going that counts. Our tribe is growing at an exponential rate in 2016. Now is the time to take action. If you’re ready to take the next steps and join us in 2016, please fill out the mentorship application here. And if you were sent this blog post from another team in USANA or another network marketing friend, connect back with them to start your amazing journey in 2016 and to start building a 6 figure business, in your yoga pants if you so desire!


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