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After a morning meeting, we spent the afternoon at the pool.

After a morning meeting, we spent the afternoon at the pool.

This post is for all of the entrepreneurs and business owners who are also parents. This summer is my first summer doing both. In previous years, my daughter had still been in a part-time day care program (2-3 days a week) in the summer, so I was able to split my time between my business and my daughter. This year, she was at school and I no longer need day ¬†care so she’s not in any full-time care this summer. I know that many of you are in a similar situation, especially those that run a home-based business. Suddenly you’re trying to figure out how to fit in the work without putting your kids in front of the TV or other screens all day. I shared how my days look right now in a previous post.

For all of you who are continue to work on (or in) your business this summer, I wanted to say I’m proud of you! It’s a challenge for so many of us, and it would be so easy to hang up our ‘business’ hat for the summer and spend every day at the pool with our kids. Especially when we have a home-based business. Taking 9 weeks off in the summer isn’t going to help anyone to grow or even maintain their business. If you’re serious about success in your business, you’ll be spending the summer sowing the seeds for growth in the fall. I promise that everything you are doing right now is going to pay off in September.

Gratitude tip: One of the more difficult things to build in business is MOMENTUM. Taking an extended break (more than 2 weeks at a time) without working on your business makes is very challenging to start up again. By doing even a little bit, every day during the summer, you’ll be able to build momentum in September much more quickly.

It’s the same concept that applies with training for a sport, take more than two weeks off and you’ll lose much of what you have gained in the months before. That’s why most training plans don’t ever have a rest period that is longer than two weeks.

It may not be EASY to make appointments, follow up with clients or miss a few days at the beach but it will be WORTH it when September rolls around.

What are you doing this summer to fit your business into your lifestyle as a parent?

P.S. Did you know that this post is a part of My Year of Gratitude, a Gratitude Project by Julie Boyer? Learn more about it here.

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