The first week of 2010 is already slipping away.  I’m sure many of you are thinking T.G.I.F. or something of that nature. Getting back into the routine of regular life always seems to be a challenge for many, including myself. Perhaps instead of getting right back into the routine of regular, everyday life, maybe this is the right time to change how we are spending our time.  Speaking with my good friend Julie this week, she commented on how she could easily fill her days just being “busy” and not finding time for the things that really do matter and that will make a difference 2, 3 or 5 years from now.  She does find the time though, and that’s why she’s one of the most successful women I know.

So, let’s figure out what we are all so busy doing with our precious time.  There are many ways to figure out exactly how you are spending your time, but let’s take a look at a typical 24 hr period (this is just meant to be an average, everyone is different of course and has different schedules).

  • 8 hours of the day is spent on sleep and personal care, including eating, showering etc.
  • 8 hours of the day is spent working – whether it be at a job, at your business or taking care of the kids (which is usually more than an 8 hour day, but just work with me on this one)
  • This leaves only 8 hours a day for all of the rest.  8 hours a day to reach for your goals, to take that class you’ve been wanting to take, to spend more time with the kids or your family, to exercise, to go on date with your loved one. How come at the end of the week, most of us are not any closer to reaching any of our goals and wonder where the week has gone?

Here’ s the key – life is going to go by very quickly, and whether we realize it or not, it will be over in the blink of an eye. The first decade of the millennium has already passed us by.  Are you where you wanted to be when the 2000s began? How much of that Goal List did you accomplish?

Alright, so where do we start in order to make this decade even better than the last? First, let’s take a look at how we are spending our time:

  • the average Canadian watches 21 hours of tv per week (4 hours a day) – of course it’s not you because you’re too busy. It must be that there are really lots of people watching 8 hours/day to make up for those who don’t watch at all.
  • are we spending all our time on the internet? Perhaps, and it looks like we are spending more and more of our time on social media and social networking sites.
  • taking care of the home – cleaning, laundry, cooking, tidying up, lawn & garden care
  • taking care of the kids
  • exercising or working out
  • connecting with real people – on the phone, over lunch, meetings, seminars, networking
  • texting or chatting over the internet
  • shoveling snow!

I’m sure many of you could add to this list. The truth is, we could spend our entire lives being busy.  And wake up at 65 and realized we missed everything because we were too busy to enjoy life.  I invite you to take stock this weekend, as I have been doing this week, and figure out what is keeping you so busy.  And if there is a way to change that.  We always have options and choices to make, and although we make not always like our options, we are in control of our decisions.

I am committed to making better use of my time, spending time each and every day building towards my goals and of course helping others to do the same.  And I look forward to a time in the not too distant future, when I will be able to choose what I do for 16 hours a day, instead of only 8.

Happy Friday afternoon everyone!


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