Slow Down & Savour The MomentsDoes anyone else have a very full weekend? What a blessing to have activities and adventures to fill our weekend. Sometimes it can all feel a little bit overwhelming however. How do we make this a great weekend instead of feeling stretched and out of alignment?

Gratitude Tip: Take some time to slow down, wherever you are. Focus on the people around you and really listen to what they have to say. Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself in your surroundings. This is especially important if you have to go from place to place throughout your day. And remember that it’s probably not going to unfold as you had imagined it, it will unfold exactly as it’s meant to. Instead of frustration, choose gratitude.

It is easy to get out of alignment with spirit when we are running around all weekend and feel like we don’t have time to take a break. Especially since most people are working for weekend and looking forward to the time to relax. If you’re driving around a lot, turn up the music and rock out in your car. I find that changes my mood immediately and helps me to relax and let go. My friend and her son like to put on show tunes and sing together in the car. Or put on some Christian Rock and sing in worship! Why not? I love it when people give me strange looks when I’m having a blast in the car!

Make sure to spend some of your weekend outside. We are at the crux of spring and summer here in Ontario, and the weather has been beautiful. If you are spending your day outside, remember sun safety so that you’ll still feel great and have lots of energy for the rest of the weekend. A sunburn is NOT sexy. If you choose to drink alcohol, drink one glass of water for every glass of alcohol to keep from getting too dehydrated.

And finally, take a look at your schedule. Are there things that you could say no to? Give something a pass for this weekend? I understand that saying no at the last minute is difficult and we can feel like we are letting people down, however the flip side is that we ourselves can be very run down by too many activities as well. Your own well-being always has to be number one. You are no good to anyone else if you aren’t in good health.

Here’s to a weekend filled with love, joy and blessings for you and your family.

julie boyer

Create your BEST life! Julie Boyer

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