Celebrate Today!

celebrate, julie boyer, daily gratitude projectWhat are you celebrating today? Yes, it’s Friday and for many people that’s reason enough to celebrate. Do you set goals for your week on Sunday? Or do you simply wake up on Monday morning and hope for the best?

Gratitude Tip: Life is worth celebrating every day! What can you find to celebrate today? Did you reach your weekly goals? Did something good happen at work? Landed a new client? Often we are so focused on celebrating the big things that we overlook opportunities to celebrate the little things. Much like our daily gratitude gratitude practice, the more we celebrate the little things, the more things we’ll have to celebrate!

I’ll be hosting a Healthy Holiday Mixer tonight at my home here in Burlington (you’re welcome to join us!) for the first time and I plan to celebrate a little with my guests. One year ago today I came home from the hospital. I remember clearly that we had a huge snowfall and that my dad had come to get me. The drive home was very slow, we stopped to get water (we use the large bottles with our cooler) and by the time I got home I was totally exhausted. I have a clear memory of walking up the snowy walkway and seeing my mom, my daughter and my sister-in-law there to greet me. I have never been happier to walk through my front door. It was a difficult first week home but by the time Christmas arrived, I was almost back to myself.

Celebrate being alive! Celebrate getting paid! Celebrate having a roof over your head and a car (or two) in your driveway! Celebrate having food in your fridge!! Celebrate LIFE!!

I’d love to hear what you have to celebrate today, either share in the comments or add a comment on the FB post or page.

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