As I prepare for this year’s USANA International Convention, what I am most excited about is all of the successes to celebrate from my team and from the amazing team of Game Changers International that I am a part of. In my book, 30 Days of Gratitude, I wrote a chapter on How to Be Happy for Others’ Successes and I am proud to say that I am truly living it these days. I am so thrilled to see some of my team members celebrated on stage in a few weeks:

Sara Martel will be celebrated as a New Gold DirectorsaramartelAngela Kontgen and Gerry Visca will be celebrated as New Silver Directors

angela and gerry

And a HUGE congrats to Amy Ballantyne who is being honoured with the Teamwork Award, one of only 12 people in North America to win this amazing award (by nomination and by being an amazing team player!!)



Congratulations to all of the members of Game Changers International as well who are winning awards, including Anna Lozano, Elisa Graci, Pat Birnie, Christa Realba, Shelly Matsos, Sabrina Campbell and Andre Gordon. Lots of photos will be posted on Facebook!!

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