2015-07-10 11.19.17We all know that the one constant in life is change. Change shows up in simple ways in our everyday lives, and sometimes it shows up in a major way with a serious life change. Over the past year, my family and I have been subject to quite a few big changes and most recently it was when my husband started a new job, only a year after he had been at his previous one.

My husband is a computer programmer who was working a 45-60 min drive away from home, and working in a less than positive environment. If you know my husband, you know that he is usually very cheerful and being in a negative work environment was not good for him. He saw a job opportunity to work close to home, in a much better environment and within one week, had a new job offer. We took the time to weigh the pros and cons: pros – 3 km from home, cons – fairly significant pay cut. We both knew it wasn’t actually that difficult a decision to make as we would gain more family time.

When the time came for him to start, the change was very uncomfortable for me. In the morning, I was used to having the kitchen to myself and taking care of preparing our daughter for school on my own. We had a routine that worked and suddenly there was another person around! And then (gasp!) he started coming home for lunch! I work from home and love my quiet lunch time, alone. Too many changes for me, and we argued about it a number of times.

Yet here we are, two months later. And life is pretty awesome again. We’ve settled into a new routine and guess what? I love it even more than my previous one. Now, I get up and go for a walk before my daughter is up. He is there when she wakes up. After getting ready, he makes our shakes (Side note: Our Tropical Taste Explosion shake was recently featured on Facebook) – better than I ever did. He spends a bit of time with our daughter and leaves for work at around 8 am.

We often enjoy having lunch together and take turns making it. And this summer, while I am working and our daughter is not in school, he can come home at lunch and help out or drive her to a play date. He will even be able to attend her day camp dance performance next week on his lunch hour.

Gratitude tip: Change may appear to be scary but if you’re grateful for what lies ahead (knowing that change usually leads to something better in the end), it’s easier to work through the present period of adjustment.


I am certainly overjoyed about the change now! And even more exciting is that after taxes, the pay cut wasn’t as big as we first though. Yeah!

What big changes have you been through this year? How do you feel on the other side?

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