Change Your Expectations

I expected it to be cold yesterday, and it was.

I expected it to be cold yesterday, and it was.

‘Change your expectations for appreciation.’ – Tony Robbins. Expectations have ruined many events and occasions for many of us. With a fun Halloween weekend starting, how do we manage our (and our kids) expectations?

Gratitude Tip: Focus on appreciation (gratitude) in the current situation. Thank you for organizing the Halloween party, thank you for your help with my costume, thank you for spending time with me. Unmet expectations can quickly turn our mood from joy to hurt & disappointment. Turn it around by finding gratitude for what did occur.

In our family, we grew up with high expectations of people – and often, they were met. But when people and situations fell short of our expectations, I know that I found it difficult to focus on what I appreciated. I did not know how to discipline my disappointments as Jim Rohn would say. Maybe we should lower our expectations to avoid being disappointed? I disagree. I believe it’s still a great idea to believe that people will show up and give their best. The important thing to remember is that even if something or someone doesn’t live up to what we had ‘expected’, they likely did their best in that situation.

Expectations can get us into a lot of trouble however. Even more so when others have no idea what they are! This can be a big source of stress in a relationship. When my husband and I first met, he was clear with me, tell me what you want me to do because I cannot read your mind. I believe that clear communication of our expectations from each other in our relationship has been really helpful for us. And the most important part to remember is to say thank you and I appreciate you. Those few words will go a long way.

Pay attention to your expectations this weekend. How can you shift from being disappointed to being grateful. Is this something you can help your kids with? It’s an amazing lesson to learn when we’re young. What do you do when you feel let down or things don’t go as expected?

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