abundance, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurDid you know that abundance is a choice? Unfortunately, most of us were brought up in a scarcity mindset and we may not even be aware that abundance is right in front of us, we simply have to change the way that we are looking at things. Over the last few days, many examples have come up in my conversations with my teammates and I’ve realized that a scarcity mindset tends to creep in without invitation, so it’s become even more important to guard our minds like a bank vault.

Gratitude Tip: Scarcity mindset is the norm. Most of what we will hear in a day comes from a scarcity mindset; for example, I don’t have the time for that, I can’t afford it, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. It takes effort to focus on an abundance mindset, and having a foundation of gratitude makes it easier to shift from scarcity to abundance. Being grateful for what you already have invites more and more goodness to come into your life.


I grew up hearing the words we can’t afford it. And I knew from a young age that there wasn’t enough money – even though on the outside we had a pretty ideal life. When I look back now, I see so much abundance in our lives, yet at the time, we were focused on lack so it never seemed as though we had enough. It can be a challenge to undo the programming we had growing up – not just from our parents, also from school, church, friends, society etc. I remember when I first saw the movie The Secret back in 2007. My dad downloaded the audio-book and started listening to it as well. He would walk around the house listening it over and over. My mom and I watched the movie together dozens of times. It was really awesome to see my parents embracing this path with me.

There are other ways that a scarcity mindset creeps in. When we are worried about whether or not a prospect will buy our products or join our team, this is scarcity thinking. The world is filled with billions of people, and there will always be someone else who is ready to buy or join, even if this person says no or not right now. When we see offers of limited quantity or limited time we tend to get excited and are more apt to buy, this is tapping into our scarcity mindset again. True, there are times when tickets do sell out and it’s better to buy ahead of time, but when you see the flashing lights and BUY NOW signs, take a moment to breathe and make sure you are making a decision based on abundance, not scarcity.

In order to focus more on abundance today, I recommend starting your day with affirmations of abundance. Here are few suggestions:

  • Money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources
  • I am a money magnet
  • There’s always more where that came from
  • I can afford it
  • I have more than enough
  • Abundance surrounds me
  • Thank you for all of the blessings I have already received

There are thousands of suggestions if you simply Google ‘affirmations of abundance’. Print or write of a few and keep them with you as you go throughout your day. Every time you pass in front of a mirror, pull out your list and say a few.

It’s already Day 12 of our #40daysofgratitude challenge. If you want some help to focus on gratitude and abundance, simply join in. It’s super easy, all you have to do is post on Instagram or Facebook an image or photo of what you are grateful for today and use the hashtag #40daysofgratitude so that I can find it. I’ll be giving out more random prizes as the challenge continues.

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