Choose to be Kind

julie boyer, gratitude project, heartToday is the second of our 7 Figure Masterclass events here in Toronto. It takes a team of people, working together towards a common goal, to make these events a success. And being kind to one another is the first step in making it all happen.

Gratitude Tip: Lead with kindness. Choose your words carefully and treat others with respect, gratitude and unconditional love. 


Working with a group of almost 20 other leaders can be a HUGE challenge. When you’ve got different strong personalities and different ideas of success, people can clash and feelings get hurt. On the other hand, you can also create something truly amazing that alone or in a smaller group would never be possible. And from what I have experienced with this group over the past few months is the latter – we are truly creating something amazing.

If you’ve ever put together a speaking event, you know how stressful it can be to get everything organized on site the day of. And if you’ve ever been a guest at a larger speaking event, you also know that sometimes not every thing will go as planned and you may have to exercise a bit of extra patient. When I attend an event, I do my best to remember that the organizers are doing the best that they can in that very moment. I encourage you to do the same, no matter the circumstances, no matter how frustrating. You are a leader in every moment. Every circumstance counts, so when in doubt, choose kindness and gratitude first, before frustration and anger.



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