Complain Less and Praise More

Weekend challenge: catch yourself every time you want to complain about something and stop before you say it. Turn it into a moment of praise for someone or something else. For many of us, complaining is a default and we may not even notice that we are doing it. Spending some time becoming aware of what we are saying is helpful and the first step to changing our habits.

Gratitude Tip: Complaining is not an effective use of our time. Instead of complaining, see if you can hold that thought and think of a possible solution to what you’re complaining about. And if not, simply find a way to give thanks or praise someone else in that moment. Your energy will shift immediately and you’ll both feel better. Sometimes we can get into a cycle of complaining and bring each other down. Why not surprise everyone and change your complaints into gratitude?


Today I will be hosting another one of our monthly leadership events, this one is called UWellness – a wellness & lifestyle event hosted by USANA Health Sciences. We’re expecting close to 500 people this time and our keynote speaker is Dr. Brian Dixon, Executive Director of Health Science Education from USANA. Dr. Dixon has been touring the globe, sharing information about preventative health and health weight loss. I’m had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Dixon many times and every time I walk away having learned something new. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you today! If you want to join us, we’ll be at the Westin Harbour Castle downtown Toronto from 10 am – 1 pm.

You can start being a leader in your own life today – and changing complaints to gratitude is one way to show personal leadership. How will you lead this weekend?

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