Create Value For Others


My sister and I at Granville Island

My sister and I at Granville Island

How do you add value to other people’s lives on a daily basis? What gifts do you have that no one else can give? When you connect with someone new, do they quickly try to escape the conversation or do they linger a little longer as they are enjoying the connection?

Gratitude Tip: Think about someone you admire. What are their greatest strengths? What are they most passionate about? Write them down. Then, turn the list on yourself and see how many of these same strengths and passion you also share. Are you doing your best to share your gifts with others daily?

You can create value in every interaction you have with another human being. Or you can simply ignore them and put your head back down into your phone and go on with your day. Which sounds better to you? It’s easier to focus on our phones and not interact with those around us. What if your interaction with someone ends up making a difference in their day? What if that person was feeling down or depressed and your smile made them have renewed faith in humanity?

Travel gives us lots of opportunities to interact with new people. I took a cab to the airport and sat up front (I get car sick easily) and I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with my driver, Jag. We shared stories about our lives and he was really easy to connect with. When I asked him what he loved most about his job, he said having the chance to meet people like me (awwww!!). I love taking time to get to know the flight crew when I am flying as well. I often find myself getting a few little freebies along the way just because I was kind and interacted with them.

A great question to ask yourself every morning is ‘how can I create value for others today,’ followed very closely by ‘who can I be of service to.’ Both are great ways to set your intention for the day and you’ll find that success will follow, as long as you are leading with an open and grateful heart.

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