I just finished reading a great blog post by Tim Ferris (of 4-Hour Work Week fame) about a contest called Build-a-Business. Here is the full blog post.  It was a fantastic contest, “ The Shopify build-a-business competition was a financial carrot for anyone who’d dreamed of starting a business but hadn’t taken the jump. Each person had six months to build a business, and their two highest-grossing consecutive months would be matched against everyone else.” (taken from the original blog post).

It was very inspiring. Now that my life has taken a few twists and turn, I feel like it’s time to be creative, delve into my entrepreneurial spirit a bit more and re-connect with things I am passionate about.  I haven’t been blogging as much these days, mostly because I have been absorbed in baby preparations and research but also because of a lack of motivation. And she’s on her way, which adds a bit of time pressure to the whole situation :-)!

This is a shout out to those who are reading my blog, to connect with a few of you who might be interested in a brainstorming session – others who like me might be in an interesting situation of change and may not be sure what the next 6 months to a year will bring.  I’d like to brainstorm for ideas, talk about our strengths and passions, share our challenges and possibly review what some other successful people have been doing (especially mompreneurs). I feel I have a lot to learn and am looking for a small group of 3-4 other people who might like to work together.  Should this work out, we could start meeting regularly.  I might need a break for a month or two in October though!

Message me on facebook or twitter, or leave your info in the comments.  If we can find some local people, great, and if not, we can do it virtually on Skype. If you’re looking for a group to brainstorm with, to tap into your creativity and talents and possibly find a business partner … let me know!

Have a beautiful summer afternoon!

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