These first 12 days have gone by really quickly and I have to say that this program is fairly easy to follow.  I even went out to lunch today, to my favorite restaurant, Paradiso in Burlington and had a great arugula salad with roasted beets and goat cheese (I’ve done dairy elimination before, so I know that I’m ok with goat products).

The challenge for some people who take a look at the 28 Day Total Body Detox is sometimes a cost issue. You can certainly do a detox or cleanse without supplements and you’ll probably be able to find a practitioner in your area who may be able to guide in that direction (of course you’ll be paying for their time).  This program was put together with a team of natural health experts, including holistic nutritionists, naturopaths and biochemists. The products include a great liver support supplement, a multi vitamin and mineral product that covers all of your bases, digestive support products and a very special product to reduce inflammation and increase energy and mental clarity.  The meal plan has gluten and dairy-free options and includes a dozen recipes for you to try as well.

And by choosing not to drink alcohol during the program, this could cover the cost of the program for some people!! Well, maybe not, but when I looked over our spending, we spend at average of $40 on alcohol a week and usually order in on a Friday night, so another $40.  That’s $80 per week – 4 weeks = $320.  That’s pretty much what the 28 Day Total Body Detox cost. So, I think we’re probably saving money!!!

The best bonus of this program? 28 days of taking care of me. Focusing on my health and taking control of it. And I do feel different because of it.  I don’t have a scale, so I’m not able to weigh myself now, but I do know that since I’ve been working on this program and making dietary changes, I’ve lost at least 5 lb (scale at the dr.’s office). Go figure? What’s the biggest challenge for you if you haven’t decided whether to do the program or not? Check in below.

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