Another party challenge passed! It’s interesting timing that I have had two friends celebrating milestone birthday during the 28 Day Total Body Detox. At both events I was able to stick to the plan and still haven’t had a drink.It was my friend Sara’s husband’s 50th birthday party today. Sara and I both noticed how it was actually easy to make choices that allowed us to stay on the plan and still have lots of fun appetizers. Sara just recently discovered Mary’s Organic Crackers – wheat-free, gluten-free and organic baked goods.  I love their tag line, who knew nuts and seeds could taste so good? I’ve been a fan of this product for a while now and not because it’s gluten-free but because I love the ingredients and they taste great! I enjoy them as a snack with hummus or peanut-butter (almond butter is great too!).  We enjoyed them with guacamole (homemade) and smoked-salmon at the party.

I also had the opportunity to speak a the Spring Health Forum with a few amazing speakers today.  Props to Brendan Fox, an elite personal trainer from Toronto whose powerful presentation about taking a military approach to your health and nutrition was very memorable. His suggestion to create a health plan, just as you would a business plan made so much sense to me. This is so true for many entreprenuers – or solo-preneurs – they are completely wrapped up in their business plan that they have forgotten about their health plan. There is always more money to be made should you lose it in business but once your health is gone, it’s exponentially harder to get it back. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve found that our program has had success already, it’s simple and easy to follow and helps to teach you habits that can be continued far beyond the 28 days.

Tonight I enjoyed kale chips again – I took a photo this time and I’ll share it in a future post. I made half of the bunch I had bought, and it was gone in about 5 min. I never would have imagined that my hubby and I would enjoy kale as a snack! What’s your plan on this Saturday night? Are you sticking to the detox plan or taking a few liberties? Check in below.

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