Today I was invited on a tour of The Organic Garage in Oakville. Their motto is “Healthier food, for less!” and they mean it. I used to go there on a regular basis when it first opened and I lived in Oakville. It has really evolved in the last 5 years and I highly recommend checking it out – it’s near Kerr and Speers, just north of downtown Oakville. 

There were are few things that caught my attention during our tour, with our tour guide, Neena.  It can often be a challenge to choose all organic fruits and veggies, and her suggestion was choose organic especially for your leafy greens over citrus for example, because of the thick skin of citrus. She also suggested that if you shop at a local farmer’s market, if their produce isn’t certified organic, that doesn’t mean they don’t do organic farming – create a relationship with the farmer and visit the farm yourself! Often they will sell right on site as well.  I know there are a number of small local farms in the area, including Auburn Acres Farm, owned by friends of mine.

We talked a fair bit about removing dairy and gluten from your diet all at once  and she said that it is key to have a proper nutrition plan when you are removing whole food groups.  Especially since you can remove gluten and substitute it with lots of rice – which can be a problem – especially if you are choosing high-glycemic rice! What I like about the 28 Day Total Body Detox is that we have a meal plan created by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Laura Townsend and we include pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements from USANA Health Sciences.  I truly believe that this combination is why we’re feeling great during this program!! Check out what our group members have been saying on Facebook. Have you shopped at Organic Garage? What’s you favorite local healthy food store? 

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