It’s my 3rd Friday night on the 28 Day Total Body Detox. Just to let you know, I’m planning on cheating tonight. It’s been a week of more stress than usual and my alternative methods of stress relief haven’t quite done the trick.  I will say that I went to the library yesterday as I was in need of a few good books – and read Sleeping Naked is Green, by Vanessa Farquharson in about 4 hours. It’s a fun read about Vanessa, a National Post Arts & Life Journal, gave herself a challenge of “greening” her life in 366 days (it was a leap year).  So every day she had to do something that was green and then she blogged about it. The book isn’t her blog, it’s the story of the year and I really enjoyed it. She probably could have used a copy of  The Healthy Home for some tips as she was starting to run out of ideas near the end of the year.

Back to my plans for the night. I have had a wonderful day, in terms of my 28 Day Detox plan. I tried the Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal today for breakfast. Yummy!! I added ice, frozen bananas, half a pouch of REV3 and some Optomega Oil – it was delicious.  And a nice change from the French Vanilla that I love so much.

I also enjoyed lunch at KindFood – where I had the cupcakes on Tuesday for my hubby’s 30th birthday. Loved it for lunch – enjoyed the Buddha Bowl and my friend has the Goddess Bowl. Either choice would be great and I would eat there again. It’s vegan and gluten-free. So simple yet so tasty.

To my evening. After a healthy dinner (my standby wrap), my plan is to open a bottle of Red Diamond, pour myself one glass, grab a few squares of dark 70% chocolate and read in a bubble bath. What can I say? As we have said from the beginning, this plan is about YOU (or me!) so I’m making the conscious choice to cheat. And I’m sharing it with you – cause we’re all human 🙂

I do plan on making kale chips to snack on while watching a movie later. Sounds like a pretty relaxing and rejuvenating evening for me.

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