I went through with it, and I enjoyed it. 1 glass of Red Diamond, about 1/3 of a Greens and Black Organic Dark Chocolate bar, a bath, bubbles and a fun book.  It was just what I needed and I felt much better this morning! Which is important because I spent the day at a Health and Wellness Show at the Burlington Seniors Centre – interesting crowd 🙂  – These aren’t “seniors” like my parents, these were VERY senior folks so there wasn’t much appeal for what we had to offer.  We met some great vendors and had fun, that’s what’s important, right? Lesson learned!

I have been trying a number of new products during the 28 Day Total Body Detox and for the most part, they have been pretty tasty.  I had fun at Fortino’s yesterday (owned by the Loblaws group) in their ever expanding organic and gluten-free section. I’ve been staying away from gluten-free baked goods, because it doesn’t really make sense to be eating those during a detox (sugar content) and it’s often possible that gluten-free processed food can be very high glycemic, so approach with caution, as the foundation for the meal plan during the detox is low-glycemic.

I decided to try the So Delicious cultured coconut milk – supposedly a “substitute” for yogurt. Yeah, it’s not even close. In fact, I really did not enjoy it at all. I tried to feed it to my daughter (it’s healthy, why not?) who loves yogurt and she refused after 2 spoonfuls. I chose the plain because of course, the versions with added fruit had a high sugar content.  I thought if I mixed it with fruit and maple syrup it would work.  But it didn’t.  Anyone want a container with 2 spoonfuls missing??

Now I do suggest checking out their site though, as they have many amazing products to offer. Again a caution here about sugar content, but if you’re buying some of these as a treat (after the detox of course!) then they can be a great choice if you’re still avoiding dairy and gluten. Maybe I’ll try the almond ice cream.  I was never a fan of soy ice cream.

Have you tried anything during the program that hasn’t been that tasty? Please share with us below and save us the hassle!!

Want to catch up on the detox? Click here for Day 1.  Ready to give it a go or have more questions? Email me info@julieboyer.com

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