2014-04-21 07.41.41Two-thirds of the way through the program and I am confident that I will keep many of the habits I have created on the program so far. I am even more excited for the positive testimonials that have been shared on our Facebook page and in our group too!

One thing that I love about this program is that my daughter is getting involved as well and she has been eating many of the foods I am making, especially green smoothies. She loves green juice as well. Whether we realize it or not, our kids are imitating us and learning their eating habits from us. If you don’t like your greens, neither will your kids! Sara has been sharing stories of success with her teenage daughter as well, so you can positively influence your children at any age!

What is your biggest success so far in the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program? Share in the comments or on Facebook.



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