Lucky 21! The 28 Day Total Body Detox is one of the most life transforming programs I have been on since I started working with USANA Health Sciences over 6 years ago. Before this program (and being a part of the team that put it together) I didn’t really understand much about why it’s important to take a probiotic and how taking care of our liver is a priority! I also never realized that with proper planning and a great meal plan (by a Holistic Nutritionist) eating gluten-free and dairy-free can be simple.

Why is taking care of our liver so important? The liver is our 2nd largest organ, and it’s primary function is detoxification.  The liver has a “priority” list when it comes to detoxification and these are called liver loaders.

  • Alcohol – must be detoxified to be removed from the body
  • Caffeine – Worst – Energy drinks like Red Bull, Best – Green Tea
  • Trans fats (avoid at all costs!! reading labels is key here)
  • Refined sugars
  • Synthetic substances – pesticides (from non-organic fruit), medications (OTC and prescriptions) and preservatives in skin and body care products
  • Infections and viruses

What happens is when we haven’t taken proper care of our liver (in basic terms) is that our liver is “overloaded” with these liver loaders and then it is not able to properly detoxify things

that natural occur in our bodies – such as cholesterol and estrogen. I love this video – Dr. Libby Weaver, author of Accidentally Overweight and a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, shares how this process happens with cholesterol.  She is an amazing speaker, brilliant scientist and very genuine and caring person. It was because of an opportunity I had to share a lunch with her that I was inspired to put together the 28 Day Total Body Detox – first and foremost, just for my own health.

My favorite product when it comes to liver health? Hepa Plus (in Canada) or Hepasil DTX (in the US). It contains milk thistle extract which is great for detoxifying the liver and contains advanced doses of other helpful ingredients like green-tea extract, Olivol™, turmeric and alpha-lipoic acid to further support the liver.

Are you taking care of your liver?

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