Happy Earth Day! I remember celebrating the first Earth Day in Canada in 1990, while I was in high school. We participated in a demonstration at Queen’s Park. I remember very little about it but it made an impression on me and since then, I have always done my best to treat our planet, our home, with love and respect.

The 30 Day Whole Body Detox program fits right into that model. During this program, not only are you looking at what you are eating, but you are reducing your intake of meat (which has a bigger environmental footprint) and we also encourage you to meditation, breathe and spend more time in nature. I have found that when I look at where my food is coming from and how it is nourishing my body (or not) I make different choices that hopefully, have a positive impact on my personal environmental footprint.  A few things I am working on this year including growing some vegetables in our yard, reducing food waste and possibly using a home composter.  What are you doing this year to reduce your personal eco-footprint?

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Swiss Chard Tacos

For lunch today I made a variation of the Collard Tacos in our guidebook.  I used Swiss chard (left from the Extra Green Frittata recipe on the weekend) and since we didn’t have any rice cooked, I added a few mini potatoes to the frying pan to cook with the rest of the veggies. Using black bean hummus, salsa, avocado and Daiya cheese as my base, they turned out AMAZING. This recipe is so easy to make and will be repeated after the detox is over. That’s the goal – find new favorites that you can add to your rotation once you’ve finished the program. What are your favorites so far? I know Sara loves the Nutrimeal™Free Pudding that Natalie Dion contributed to our guidebook.

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