Turns out I may not be alone in my quest to rid my diet of sugar. We know that sugar is not healthy for us yet why does it continue to show up in so many of our foods today? It’s appalling if you ask me. This is one of the reasons I founded the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, to help people get off the chemicals and back to real food. And yes, I believe there is a need for supplementation to support a whole food diet, which is why there is a list off suggested supplements to support your program in the guidebook. My personal choice of products are from USANA Health Sciences, pharmaceutical grade products that are science-based, not marketing based.

Speaking of marketing, this new documentary, Fed Up, looks like a real eye opener about the dangerous road we have travelled with the addition of sugar in its many forms, to almost every single package and processed food.  Seven years ago, when I started my business with USANA, we were talking about how 1 in 3 North Americans would be diagnosed with diabetes and that this is now the first generation of children who will not outlive their parents. Finally, this is being shared in mainstream media! It is time to take things seriously and get educated on how our food chain must be changed for good.  Please watch the trailer for Fed Up.

Timing is also perfect for the 2014 Food Revolution Summit, starting on April 26th, featuring interviews with Alicia Silverstone, Jane Goodall, Woody Harrelson, Marion Nestle, Vani Hari (Foodbabe.com), Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Dean Ornish and so many more. It’s free to sign up and it looks very interesting and educational. I’ve already signed up, will you?

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