As we start to get to the end of the 28 Day Total Body Detox, over the next few days I will be sharing client testimonials for those who have been doing the program right alongside me.

I’ve been asked if I’m counting down the days until I’m done my 28 Day Total Body Detox. I will say that I am looking forward to being a bit less strict after it’s over but I will be continuing many of the new habits I have created. I was taking a look over the program info last night and re-reading the information in Accidentally Overweight by Dr. Libby Weaver and I realized that the water with lemon in the morning should be HOT. Not room temp as I have been doing.  So I tried it this morning, I boiled the water first and added lemon. It was actually really wonderful and I plan on continuing this. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning, to take time to do this first – before anything else (especially turning on your phone or computer) – and set your day off on the right foot.  I do recommend organic lemons – they taste so much nicer!!

A few others habits I plan on keeping include using the REV3 in my shakes in the morning and my Probiotics.  I also plan to continue using some of the alternative strategies for dealing with stress – such as walking, diaphragmatic breathing, reading and drinking tea.

For those on the program, any specific new habits you are planning to continue with? 

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