As we wrap up the 28 Day Total Body Detox program, I will be sharing not only my personal life changes but I am excited to highlight a few of the clients I have been working with who are also coming to the end of the first 28 days of the rest of their lives.  I encourage you to follow this 28 Day journey from Day 1.  It’s truly been life changing for many people already, including me.

Tonight’s guest blogger is Sara Martel. Sara’s purpose and passion is to inspire leaders to create freedom in their lives by teaching them how to achieve optimal health, financial freedom and happiness.

I am curled up with my laptop and a hot bowl of quinoa and vegetable soup, feeling quite content that I have completed Day 22 of my 28 Day Total Body Detox. I was asked to share my experience with this Detox and I must say it has been an easy three weeks.  After being on a fairly healthy lifestyle for the past four years, I decided to do my very first detox out of curiosity and after listening to the overwhelming medical evidence on the benefits of detoxing for our liver.  I also wanted to see how I would feel after removing gluten from my diet.  I pictured the 28 day detox as a month full of sacrifices and imagined checking off the days on my calendar until it was over.  Little did I know that this 4 week journey would become a huge eye opener for me. Lo and behold I actually don’t need coffee or wine to enjoy my day! I had worked my way up to almost a whole pot of coffee  in recent months. I am thrilled to say I haven’t touched coffee in 22 days and I have replaced it with hot water and lemon and a USANA’s REV 3 made with natural white and green teas and antioxidants that give me that sustained energy all day and doesn’t leave me dehydrated and crashing at 3 pm. And  I have embarked on an exciting  culinary adventure , making easy recipes with whole grains I never knew existed. They keep me full and I crave them now instead of the breads I would eat on occasion. My goal was not to lose weight but I weighed in this morning for the first time since I started and I am down 7 pounds. My clothes are loose and  have been told my skin looks amazing and that I look younger.  Will I be sticking to this plan ?  Heck yeah !

Love this!! Thanks to Sara for sharing your journey with us! You can find Sara on Twitter here. Stay tuned for more success stories.

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