I’d like to share a few of my personal results tonight from the 28 Day Total Body Detox. Tomorrow night we’ll have another testimonial from another very successful participant, Kenda Blum of Balance My Life, so stay tuned!

One of the reasons I decided to put together this program was because of a few issues that I was dealing with, that I thought were “normal” until I briefly consulted with Dr. Libby Weaver back in February.

The first challenge – digestive upset after most meals. And often the next morning, things weren’t as “solid” as they should be. It was suggested that I try to eliminate gluten for a month to see if that helped.

The second challenge – my monthly cycle. I’ve been dealing with cramps and other uncomfortable symptoms for years (the only relief was when I was pregnant and breastfeeding).  I’d read in Accidentally Overweight that some of these symptoms could be due to liver congestion.

The third challenge – this has been a challenge of mine for over 4 years – I have been dealing with pain in my big toe joint and have tried over a dozen solutions, to some degree of success but I was still experiencing pain while walking (a bit of a setback for a former Ironman Triathlete).

So, here’s where I’m at after 25 days of the 28 Day Total Body Detox. I no longer have digestive upset after meals.  In fact, I feel really great when I eat and feel much fuller than ever before, with smaller portions. My snacks are healthy and I don’t worry about portion sizes or when I’m eating. I eat when I’m hungry. I have sustained energy throughout the day and from a digestion point of view – things are more “solid” now, which is much better. That means I’m properly digesting my food.  I am also certain that I have a gluten intolerance, as the results have been so dramatic.

As for my cycle, some of the symptoms have virtually disappeared. Now, it’s only been one month, so I plan on sticking to the Hepa Plus (liver support supplement) for another month or two to see how I do, but I usually miss 1 day a month, stuck in bed, unable to function. That’s not the case this month :-).

And the best news of all, my toe. Two things that were changed this month, I had my orthotics adjusted by my good friend Fareen of Burlington Orthotics, which allows my toe more comfort in my shoes.  And the other is removing gluten – which can be inflammatory as we know.  My toe is feeling MUCH better. In fact, there are days when I don’t even notice any pain.  This is incredibly huge for me. I may even consider running again in another few weeks. After struggling for 4 years, could it be that I have finally found relief?

This program has changed my life. Truly. In so many more ways than I had imagined. I love that I am eating whole foods about 90% of the time now. I am so much more in control of what goes into my body.  I have learned different methods for managing stress. I have lost weight – a nice side effect – but I wasn’t aiming for that. My skin is brighter.  I sleep more soundly than ever before. I truly feel amazing. Will I go back to my old ways before? Doubtful.  I can assure you that I will be sticking to gluten-free for the most part (at least when I’m in control of my meal options). I will be enjoying wine again, but will probably avoid beer (cause gluten-free beer is terrible!!).  What started out as an experiment that I thought would only be 28 days, has turned out to create new lifelong habits. And I’m really pleased about that.

Sara Martel and I will be taking some photos this weekend to share our success in photos. Stay tuned!  And I will continue to blog after my 28 days are over (just not every day thank goodness) and share more and more success stories with you.  If you’re ready to start your 28 Day Total Body Detox, drop me a line – info@julieboyer.com.

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