Today’s guest post is by Kenda Blum, the founder of Balance My Life, an online community for confident, stylish, savvy women. Kenda is a 40ish mom of 2 and one of the hardest working entrepreneurs I know. She has been sharing her experiences with us on the Facebook group for the detox – all of successes and challenges. (photo credit Tara West)

I was asked by Sara Martel to give the 28 day detox a try, and after 2 very successful Reset programs and 20 lbs later, I said YES immediately.

I have been having horrible stomach and digestion issues that I have been dealing with for too long and thought giving this a try could not hurt! The first three days were the hardest because my body was going through withdrawal from giving up coffee (I drank A LOT). After that it was smooth sailing, I simply replaced it with green tea.

By day 7 I was feeling FABULOUS! The bloated feeling that I got after every meal was gone and I just felt lighter. By day 14 I was noticing that I was sleeping – actually sleeping through the night which was also something new for me and it felt great to finally wake up in the morning feeling alive.

The best part about this program is that it teaches you how to eat properly and gets you excited about food again. It was so easy before to pull a box out of the freezer but now I enjoy trying new recipes, going grocery shopping and fueling my body with only the good stuff.

One trick to eating healthier is to always have healthy options in the fridge. I always have washed and cut up vegetables, a huge bowl of my Colorful Quinoa Salad  and I cook up large quantities of chicken and freeze them in packages of 2 so that I always have chicken ready and waiting to add protein to any meal.

After week 2 I weighed myself and had lost 6 pounds and today (day 23) I stepped on the scale again and am now down 10. The goal of this program for me was not to lose weight but it has been an added bonus for sure.

What do I miss? The odd glass of wine, but other then that absolutely nothing.

I have a battery of tests that I am scheduled to go through for my stomach and digestion issues in September but I have a feeling that if I continue with this clean eating I will be canceling all of those appointments! Check back with me in September and see how I am doing.

Remember it takes 7 days to form a new habit and 21 days to master it – and I have mastered it. So hang in there and make this a new way of life, your body will thank you. Remember diets do not work – healthy eating does.

Thank-you so much Kenda for sharing your challenges and successes with us! Ready to start your own 28 Day Total Body Detox program too?



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