As these first 28 days of the rest of my healthy lifestyle come to a close, I just have to say that I am super happy with not only my own results, but the results for the majority of people who started this journey with us.  A few have shared their stories with us, take a peek at Sara and Kenda’s success stories. I look forward to adding more stories as we have several people who are starting this week.  The spring is the best time to do a detox program, so it’s important to get started in the next couple of weeks as summer is just around the corner.

A reminder to all of those who are still following the program that this program is really about YOU.  Making healthier choices for YOU.  Taking time every day to take care of YOU.  Spending time on what YOU want to do and not simply worrying about what everyone else is doing.  Today I had a little bit of fun, for me! I think that it’s important to give yourself a reward when finishing a challenge like this.  I know that Sara is off to Niagara Falls for the weekend! My reward is a little simpler, but something I don’t usually do for myself.  I went shopping today!! Usually I don’t like shopping because I have a hard time finding things that fit properly – I often seem to be between sizes.  Today was different. As I have mentioned, I don’t have a scale.  I am certain that I have lost weight (I’m guessing 7-9 lb) because I fit into a smaller size.  And I fit well!! It was super nice to just grab a few summer dresses, try them on, and buy them!! Yes, there will be photos to share in a few days ;-).  I even found a style of dress that I had wanted for years, it’s so cute!!

Am I ready for a glass of wine tomorrow night? You bet I am! Am I really glad I abstained for a month (with one minor exception) – you bet I am! My liver thanks me. And it’s given me a chance to take note of my drinking habits and also to realize that it’s ok to NOT have a drink on a Friday night.  An added bonus of this program, because I am usually the one who buys alcohol in our house, my husband has also reduced his drinking this month – and he’s lost weight too.  There are a few others factors that I’m certain have contributed, such as less gluten and taking his vitamins twice a day (he also created a new habit).

If you’d like to have your 28 Day Total Body Detox story featured on the blog, please comment below or on our Facebook site and we’ll connect. 

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