This is it!! I’ve completed the 28 Day Total Body Detox. As I have mentioned in several posts, although this is the end of the official plan, I am committed to continuing with many new habits beyond 28 days. I also plan on continuing to blog on this topic, including a special guest post tomorrow with Laura Townsend, the Registered Holistic Nutritionist who created the meal plan and many of the bonuses for our plan.

Here are some of the habits I plan on continuing after the 28 days:

  • Minimizing gluten – my plan is to reintroduce small amounts of gluten into my diet to see how I feel, but based on how many of my digestive problems have disappeared, I’m fairly confident this is a lifestyle change.
  • Be more aware of my alcohol consumption – I’ve realized that it was a habit, not a necessity, but I do enjoy it, so I’ll reintroduce it.  In fact, we’re enjoying a bottle of bubbly tonight to celebrate being done!
  • My nutritionals of course, but more specifically, the Hepa Plus (liver support) for the next few months, to see how my cycle is. I am very pleased with how I felt this month, so I am hopeful that this will continue over the next few months.
  • Many of the recipes from the 28 Day Total Body Detox have become favorites in our house. And there are still a few I have to try.  I did hot amaranth this morning – wasn’t for me. My husband liked it. My daughter just picked off all of the berries.
  • Taking moments in the day to breathe. I am much more aware of my breathing patterns now.  And I have new ways of dealing with stress, instead of turning to a glass of wine immediately.
  • Eating more organic fruits and veggies. I made decision to choose more organic fruits and veggies during the 28 days to help reduce liver loaders like pesticides. I have noticed that organic fruit really does taste better. I plan on continuing to purchase more organic fruits and veg – in fact today I noticed that the organic broccoli was the same price as the regular broccoli, go figure? Try organic raspberries – so tasty!!!

All in all, this program has made an impact in many of my client’s lives and in my own.  If you’re ready to start, drop me an email at We have a program for every budget! Stay tuned for more blog posts and guest bloggers over the next few weeks, as well as more testimonials.

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