Yes, it’s already day 5 but I was home quite late last night. Day 4 was a success! We had our Live Launch of the 28 Day Total Body Detox at the end of our new Nutrition Seminar. We had some amazing guest speakers – Laura Townsend, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Olinca Trejo, Naturopathic Doctor. Laura taught us about why healthy, low glycemic eating is so important and gave us some great tips on keeping your nutrition at it’s best. Olinca shared her passion about taking care of our adrenal glands and our liver. Love you liver!! Letting go of anger can help with liver health (who knew?).

The room was packed and we had some excellent feedback. It was an event that we plan on repeating! I also shared a few of the changes I’ve noticed so far from the program. I started making changes to my eating habits (reducing gluten) and increasing my digestive enzymes and probiotics about a month ago, as I was putting the program together with our team. I had a visit to my doctor at the beginning of March for a physical and of course, I stepped on the scale (we don’t have one at home).  I weighed 145 lb – wonderful.  Imagine my surprise when I was at the doctor’s again yesterday for a check-up for my daughter, and I snuck on to the scale, and it now said 140 lb. Totally unexpected weight loss! Wasn’t looking to lose it! And I ate a lot of Eggies in March (chocolate Easter eggs).

So, it seems like there are more and more benefits to this program. I know that a number of people signed up for the 28 Day Total Body Detox last night and many more are starting next week. Check in below if that’s you!!

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