Today is Friday. And one of the things we usually do on Friday nights is pick up a few tall cans of beer (yes, I drink beer AND wine) or my favorite Red Diamond wine and have a few drinks together. As I drove by the LCBO (our beer and wine store), I felt a bit of a longing for my beer. I got over it quickly though! And since there is gluten in beer, it will be a no-no for this month. Wine too….for my liver’s sake.

I thought I might need something to substitute for the wine, so I chilled a PC Organics Sparkling Grape Juice.  It’s still in the fridge though, the feeling passed. Interesting.  And for dinner tonight, we tried something different. I had some gluten-free pasta, from TruRoots – with brown rice, quinoa and amarath. I’m not even sure what that is. But we ate it with lots of veggies and a PC Organic sauce – it was super yummy and really filling (there is protein in it!). Can you tell where I do my groceries? I’m a big fan of PC Organics brand and some of their PC Blue Menu items. This is my new favorite frozen fruit blend.

Five of 28 day completed. And I think I may actually be doing some of my new habits for life.  More on that in days to come. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook group.

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