It’s Saturday! And what a wonderful Saturday is it.  Hubby’s away at a volleyball tournament and daughter is at the in-laws! Great night for a party and a few drinks. Opps – well I guess just a great night for a party! I just got home from a friend’s 60th b-day bash and I drank water with lemon. Doesn’t that sound exciting? The best part is, I feel great and I didn’t have to worry about whether I could drive after a beer or not.

Since I didn’t have anyone to cook for today, I made it simple . Leftover veggie chili, microwaved sweet potato with Daiya cheese.  It was delicious. As you can see from the photo, I had enough for lunch AND dinner.  Yes, I have something to learn about food photography but since I’m not a food blogger, I figure this is good enough!

Almost through my first week!! Feeling great and truly, it’s not that hard to stay on track!

Are you ready to start your 28 Day Total Body Detox? We’ve got a few more people starting on Monday, check in below if that’s you!

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