Made it through the first week! And surprisingly, it’s not actually that difficult! Granted, I did have a fairly healthy, low-glycemic diet going into this but I have made a number of changes and tried including new and difference foods into our stale menu.

I think the biggest challenge for some people doing to detox is forgoing alcohol. It is true that there are antioxidants in red wine, that can have some health benefits.  The key, like anything, is moderation.  The recommended “safe” amount of alcohol is one standard drink per day for women and 2 standard drinks for men – with at least two days off a week. And if you currently abstain from alcohol, it is not recommended to start for the “health” benefits.

So why abstain from red wine with all of the wonderful health benefits during the 28 Day Total Body Detox? Because one of the goals of this program is to help improve liver health. That’s why one of the products is a liver support supplement that includes milk thistle extract, which helps to cleanse the liver. Alcohol is considered a “liver loader” which means it must be processed immediately by the liver in order to be excreted from the body, as it is technically, a poison. So, if our goal it to help cleanse our liver during the 28 Day Total Body Detox, then giving it a break from alcohol is a great idea.

If you’re having trouble with the idea of cutting out alcohol for 28 days, just take a look at the reasons why you might be balking at this. Could it be habit? Possibly a crutch? Or just something you couldn’t imagine being without? I’d be curious for some of you to share why you would choose not to eliminate alcohol for 28 days.

I did think it would be harder than it has been, to not have alcohol.  But so far, so good! I will definitely resume my love for red wine (especially Red Diamond) after the 28 days, but with an awareness of why I am choosing to drink and knowing that is does affect my liver.

Side note: when I looked up the LCBO link for Red Diamond, I noticed that it’s on sale right now!! So, I am choosing to go to the LCBO before my 28 days are up and stock up on a few bottles (it’s $2 off!!). Just in case …

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