Today I made an effort to continue to increase my physical activity during the 28 Day Total Body Detox. I spend Tuesdays with my daughter, so we walked to the playground at the library together. I pushed her in her stroller for about 30 min in total. Not that exciting, right? At the playground I decided to invent a little mommy workout while we were playing. Here’s what I did:

  • While pushing her on the swing, every time I did an ‘under-doggie’ (pushing her while running under the swing), I did 5 squats until I had to push her again.
  • Leaning on the large lion’s mouth, I did sets of 10 ‘wall’ push-ups.
  • On the slide, while waiting for her to run around to slide again, I did step ups.
  • I also tried hanging from the monkey bars – that was super tough!

30x30 challengeMy sister shared a great idea for the month of May – the 30 x 30 Challenge from the David Suzuki Foundation:

We know the more we connect to nature the smarter, healthier and happier we are.

Join thousands of other Canadians outside this May. Spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row and feel great doing it.

I’m in!! Who’s with me?

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