It’s getting a lot easier to resist chocolate and alcohol now that I’ve completed over a week of the 28 Day Total Body Detox. Today was one of the first really beautiful days of spring here in Southern Ontario. I am so grateful for such an incredible day. As I joined the 30×30 Challenge yesterday with the David Suzuki Foundation, I made a point to get outside. Wednesdays are usually my swimming day, so I didn’t want to miss that (indoor) workout. I had a very full day so I made an effort to get outside as often as possible, even for only a few minutes and to really pay attention to nature. my favorite tree

This is my favorite tree. It’s at the end of our street, so I see it every morning and every evening when driving my daughter to daycare. I stopped this afternoon on the way to meeting, got out of my car and took a photo. I will bring my real camera tomorrow as this photo does not do it justice. It is so white and so stunning, I can see it all the way down the street as I drive closer. I paid attention to the birds chirping, the colours of spring and the warm spring air.

Today was truly a gift. I loved every minute of it and felt like my energy was vibrating at an incredibly beautiful level. Thank God for this day! How did you enjoy this first wonderful taste of spring?

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