Last evening I got to attend another 28 Day Total Body Detox seminar in Kitchener-Waterloo, with two different practitioners. Amy Ballantyne was our host for the evening and she had two great speakers: Marilia Pereira, RHN, ROHP (Holistic Nutritionist) of Fleurish Nutrition and Arla Kasaj, ND (Naturopathic Doctor) from Belmont Natural Health Centre. I really enjoyed the event as I learned from bdryskinbrushoth of these incredible women. I’ll be sharing a few of my learnings in my blog over the next couple of days. One thing I did learn was that it’s important to use the dry skin brush daily – this had been recommended by Olinca Trejo, ND at our last event, but I mistakenly had thought that a body mitt would be effective enough. Marilia explained why we need the bristles of the brush to really get the skin to flake off, and that it’s usually a bit uncomfortable at first. And that once the bristles start to become dull, it’s important to replace the brush. One of my tasks today will be to purchase a proper skin brush.

If you attended the seminar last night at The Rock Spa and would like to share any of your learnings, pleae comment below.

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