It’s the weekend and I missed Day 5 of the 28 Day Total Body Detox for my blog. I tend to stay off my laptop as much as possible on the weekends so that I can focus on my family. It’s not always possible but it’s what I strive to achieve.

My first weekend on the program! And I’m happy to say it went very well. I was definitely tempted to enjoy a glass of wine yesterday as it was our first real taste of spring, but I didn’t find it that hard to pass up. And we don’t have any wine in our house (that helps!). I got some great news from one of my clients – she’s done her first week and surprise! She lost 8 lb!! This is not a weight loss program, calories are not restricted and portions are not controlled. What a beautiful side effect of clean eating and taking care of your digestion and your liver.

What I noticedkale chips is that when I’m not strictly following a program, I’ll be tempted to give into my cravings and I’ll just do it, without really thinking, because for the most part, my diet is very healthy and full of whole foods. What I’ve been learning is that there are other ways to deal with cravings and with a bit of patience, they do pass. I was really craving something crunchy last night – kale chips would have been ok but we had no kale and the health food store was closed. I found some rice crackers and dipped them in hummus and that did the trick!

What do you do to resist your cravings? Or are you still giving in?


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