Today was a bit of a fail for the 28 Day Total Body Detox. I forgot the ginger in my shake. My lunch was more lettuce than wrap. Afternoon snack was excellent though, and good thing cause dinner was a bust. I made a vanilla shake (for snack) with almond milk, ice and a tbsp of organic, fair-trade cocoa – so yummy!

peppersThese ancient grain peppers look pretty tasty, right? They weren’t. I messed up with the seaweed. I chose dried wakame seaweed and it just didn’t taste right. I couldn’t finish one. My hubby ate half of one. I ended with GF toast and peanut butter for dinner. Not a meal I am proud of. Please comment if you’ve had any luck with the recipe.

Speaking of recipes, I’ve made a few updates to the detox guide and some of the recipes, if you don’t have a copy or would like to have the latest version, you can download it here.

I am finding this year a bit tougher than last year, perhaps because last year I really experience a dramatic shift in my digestion by removing wheat and gluten from my diet. No such major changes this year – although my pants are feeling a bit looser and I think I’ll be able to fit into my black dress pants by the end of next week!

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